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About our Products

We offer several distinct lines of
racks, each designed to fit a specific
need. K-JACK has thirty two different models of racks for the circulator to choose from.

View Line™
Eleven different model variations with page capacities ranging from 2,100 pages to 11,500 pages. This line has received wide acceptance by the industry.

Single Vend Line™
Two different models of "One by One™" based on the View-Line™ and Top Hat™ design. These racks are the ultimate in newspaper equipment. They were designed with one thought in mind: One sale - One paper.

Top Hat Line™
8 models to choose from, K-JACK Top Hat™ newsracks feature a vaulted coin box and lock protector inside the rack. This feature helps protect the coin box from extreme weather conditions. Top Hats™ are available with your choice of a half page, full page or tabloid full page display window.


Stacker Line™

Designed for the location where space is at a premium. Only 24" wide and 16 deep, three of these racks will fit in a space 2 feet wide; six in 4 feet; and nine in 6 feet. You have a choice of a pull-up or a side opening door and NOW including the ALL NEW Handi-Cap™ Rack.

Designer Line™
The rack of the future NOW. Eighteen different models are available and all feature the "slide-in"™ insert. This feature facilitates the repair of the rack in the field, or enables the circulator to bring the insert into the shop for repair without removing the entire rack. These feature a pull-up door.

K-JACK has three types of mounts, Handi-Mount™, Modular Mount and Style-Master™ pedestal bases. These are specially designed to compliment and enhance the decor of any store, shopping center or street corner.

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