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Mechanical Coin Mechanism

Our mechanical coin mechanism was designed with just two thoughts in mind - simplicity and dependability.
It is an automatic, self acting, self clearing mechanism which has a "snap-out"™ feature that enables you to turn one lever to remove the mechanism for repair or price change. Our mechanism also has a built in penny rejecter and is coated with super slick after plating for superior operation in wet and freezing weather conditions.

Elevator Shelves
All racks that utilize an elevator shelf, come with the elevator shelf as standard equipment with the exception of free distribution boxes.

Key Quick Change

Price changing from Daily to Sunday or a third price is accomplished with a lock and key. This option is available on all racks.

Serial Numbers
All coin-operated racks are serialized as a standard feature.


ET-Electronic™ Totalizer Coin Mechanism
With few moving parts and retaining K-JACK's self clearing and snap out capabilities, this is the most dependable electronic mechanism on the market today. When combined with the ability to accept all U.S. coins in any combination - pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollar, dollar coins, Canadian Loonie and Toonie accepting all Canadian coins - and can configure foreign market coins. Accepting or rejecting slugs, has a battery life up to five years, and a temperature operating range of -40F to +140F, it becomes obvious this mechanism is without peer.

From you artwork, (positive or negative) we can produce a silk screen or special color decal to reproduce your logo on your racks. It takes a screen for plastic and a different screen for metal parts. It also takes a different screen for each color. Please refer to the price sheet for prices.

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