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The Comp-U-Mech™ accepts all U.S. and Canadian coins; penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half-dollar, and the soon to be introduced one-dollar coin. It rejects most foreign coins and many tokens. The Comp-U-Reader™ can select whether a stand should accept or reject slugs. The jam resistant mechanism automatically clears by pulling the door handle. The Comp-U-Mech™ provides three edition prices that can be individually programmed for any amount in increments of a penny. The edition price can be selected via the Comp-U-Reader™ or newsstand key switch. Times of paper sale, accumulated cash total, number of sales per edition, newsstand location, battery health, access security, are among the many features provided by the Comp-U-Mech™.The field replaceable K•JACK Power-Pak™ provides continuous operation for three to five years. Versions of the Comp-U-Mech™ will also be available for other countries.


Information is gathered from newsstands, over the counter sales, or home delivery using the Comp-U-Reader™ handheld computer.With a data capacity of 300 to 600 transactions, the data can be downloaded to a computer either over the phone or through a direct optical connection. The Comp-U-Reader™ has full capability to select all Comp-U-Mech™ functions. Password protection and tow levels of access security prohibit unauthorized use of either the Comp-U-Reader™ or Comp-U-Mech™.

The user friendly Reporter™ software package keeps track of all stand information including location, route/driver assignments, and maintenance history. An automatic draw feature facilitates complete control of returns. Many other features including automatic sellout, loss, and cash tracking are also provided by the Reporter™. The real power of the Reporter™ is its ability to generate extensive reports. By providing mixed text and graphics along with user selectable output formats, the Reporter™ generates presentation quality analysis at a glimpse.


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